Mukawa will hold consecutive concerts!

31.08.2023 UpDate

From December 4 to 8, 2023, “Keigo Mukawa Consecutive Concerts” will be held at Asahi Hall (Hamarikyu)!

Message From Keigo Mukawa

At some point in the past, I had spent some time thinking programs with a clear theme for each, but I kept them to myself for a long time even though I wanted show them off. I am very happy to be able to hold recitals again – and for five days! this year- at my favorite Asahi Hall, where I have performed many times, and to be able to present the programs to the audience.

The A program is based on Bach, whom I adore. I believe that the true greatness of Bach, who is known as the father of music, lies in his ability to balance both spirit and technique at a high level, and I hope that you will experience these aspects and gain a deeper understanding. The program is composed of works of various composers, including works that you are probably unfamiliar with.

The B program is so to speak a concert of introspection. Because the piano is an instrument that can be completed by one person, I feel that there are many works which composers quietly reveal their true feelings. I have long sympathized with many of these works, and have sometimes been saved by them. I hope to be able to convey the strong power hidden in introverted music that is never glamourous.

And on the final day of the 5 days, I will present a slightly special content that interweaves the pieces of the A and B programs while incorporating a small experimental attempt that I have wanted to try for some time.

I’m looking forward to these 5 days, thinking they’ll be a special and meaningful time for me, but putting aside the meaning for me, I would be happy if you could come to my concerts in creating a good space and time through good music together.

Keigo Mukawa

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