Keigo Mukawa gives a open masterclass

21.04.2023 UpDate

Keigo Mukawa will give a open masterclass in November in Saitama, Japan.

Date: November 25 (Sat), 2023
Venue: Coppice Miyoshi (Miyoshimachi Cultural Center)

How to audit: Please get a ticket for the audit for free at the Box Office of Coppice Miyoshi. (Tel. 049-259-3211)

How to take a masterclass: Please contact to the Box Office of Coppice Miyoshi. Only people who live/work/come to school in Miyoshimachi can apply as well as people doing cultural activities in Miyoshimachi. (From the 4th grade elementary school to age 29 only.)

*The masterclass is given for free.
*Application deadline: October 9 (Mon) 11:59pm

All applicants will be notified around October 25 (Wed) whether or not they can be able to take the masterclass.

For further information, please see