Hibiki Hall Recital Series: Kyohei Sorita [piano] & Keigo Mukawa [piano]

14:00 Open 15:00 Start

Kyohei Sorita

Keigo Mukawa


All seats reserved

S seats: 4,000 yen (advance purchase)
A seats: 3000 yen (advance purchase)

25 years old and under (A seats): 2000 yen (advance purchase)
⋆25 years old and under This performance is for those born in 1996 or later. (Proof of age required at the time of admission)
⋆No admission for preschool children
⋆Additional ¥500 per seat on the day of the performance
⋆Seat A=Seat around the stage on the 2nd floor Click here for seating chart


General Sale Starts

October 20, 2022 (Thursday) 10:00
Ticket sales

Hibiki Hall
Office (9:00-18:00)
Phone: 093-663-6661(9:00 – 18:00 except Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)
Online Ticket

Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center Q-station
(Weekdays 11:00-18:00, Weekends & Holidays 10:00-18:00)

Invitation for elementary, junior high and high school students

〇Reception Method: By phone from 10:00 on October 17 (Mon.) (first 30 applicants)
Seats: Row M-T, 2nd floor of Hibiki Hall
〇Application address: 093-663-6661 (9:00 – 18:00 except Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and 12/29 – 1/3)

*Advance tickets are available for residents of Kitakyushu City.
*Advance tickets (paid) for parents/guardians may also be applied for at the same time.
*If tickets are sold out by the application start date, we will not be able to provide information.


Hibiki Hall TEL 093-663-666


Kitakyushu Arts Foundation